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Global Intelligence - Security - International Affairs

ESGC is an intelligence-based consulting and advisory firm focused on practical operations to mitigate risk, add capacity, and assist in stabilization efforts worldwide. Part of Eagle Shark Group, ESGC leverages its global network to best offer bespoke, holistic solutions to complex global operations.

Core Services

Capacity Building

Successful operating in the global economy requires a strong, trustworthy and capable network. Our wide-reaching network extends from investors to operators to politicians and everything in between. We focus our capacity building efforts for investment structures, advisory and lobbying, and project management. Projects are widespread, but mainly focus on western relations in emerging and developing markets, mainly the Middle East and Africa.

Risk Mitigation

As is expected in any emerging or developing market, risk is ever-present. From classic crime-based risk to complex geopolitical risk and everything in between, ESGC seeks to mitigate potential threats intelligently buy understanding and anticipating the unknown. We specialize in a range of services from closed protection services to special investigations and government relations in the Middle East and Africa including complex, dangerous environments such as Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia.


As ESGCs operates in volatile areas which are often war stricken or suffer from political and humanitarian crises, our stabilization program creates links between NGOs and public and private sectors, managing projects with a mandate to spread peace and prosperity to volatile regions of the world.

About ESGC

ESGC also offers services for targeted advisory and consultancy on intelligence and security operations. Along with out partners we offer innovative solutions on risk management and business resiliency. Sister companies Eagle Shark and Eagle Shark Cyber Defence offer corporate investigations and due diligence services.  

Global Company... Regional Expertise

Risk Prone Areas

While Eagle Shark Group operates globally, ESGC specializes in the Middle East and Africa, with a focus on developing markets.

Core advisory expertise of ESGC focuses on the MENA region and the Horn of Africa, with ESGC’s staff well versed in local and regional geopolitics and government relations of Yemen, Somalia, Somaliland, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Kenya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Djibouti, Ethiopia, and the GCC.

Risk Mitigation and Capacity Building in many of the LDCs relies heavily on a holistic and localized approach. ESGC, having a unique network in these countries  is able to leverage the public and private sectors effectively to reach desired goals.

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